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Business Consulting
& Software Solutions

Compings makes it easier for our clients to attract more customers and increase revenue, through projects that improve how operations and accounting are done. Managers can focus on growing their business instead of being bogged down by inefficiency.

Our Services

Our Services
Business Consulting

Informative reports can be made from the data available in existing systems by allowing Compings to extend your systems’ capabilities. Sales systems can automatically book into accounting systems or invoices from vendors with different systems can all be easily paid with no effort.

Support and Maintenance

Business is done 24/7 and outages cost money, so Compings is ready to resolve issues quickly. When you call for help, we will take the time to understand you problem so we can provide the best fix. Support is provided for Microsoft Office, QuickBooks and whatever you need help with.

Cloud Infrastructure

Lowering electrical cost is probably the best reason for using cloud infrastructure in The Bahamas, because computers in places with less expensive electricity can be used. Extend the capabilities of your existing systems by using services in the cloud for integration and automation.

Personal Hardware

Our sleek shopping cart will make your shopping experience enjoyable, and you will see what you are getting. Compings knows that great customer service is the key to success, so we have made that our focus.

Software Solutions

Every business needs as least an accounting system now that VAT has been introduced in The Bahamas. Let us show you how to use QuickBooks correctly so you pay less VAT.

Network Solutions

In the information age, communication is critical to a successful business. Let Compings make your business securely accessible to customers to better serve their needs.


“It was great to have a project completed under budget, and support calls are always pleasant”

Jamaal Davis
Group IT Manager at Bahamas First


Ready to find out more?

Reach out to the company's founder, Alphonzo Munnings, to discuss how Compings can help your business grow. We scale our services to fit your needs so banks that need complex integration and reporting to small stores that just need a POS can all find help here.

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