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Business Consulting

Compings partners with businesses to implement world class solutions using industry best practices to wow their customers. Flexible approaches are taken when clients are consulted, instead of imposing rigid practices that do not meet the needs of today's innovators. Solutions are delivered early and frequently to keep business partners in control of the direction of each project. Entrepreneurs have their own ideas of how business should be done, so Compings gives them the tools needed to accomplish their goals.

Informative reports can be made from data available in existing systems by allowing Compings to extend your systems' capabilities. Information can be analyzed with pivot tables, or used in back office teams for reconciliation, or formatted in beautiful client reports. Using the publish-subscribe architecture, systems can communicate with each other to avoid the overhead of manual entry processes. Sales systems can automatically book into accounting systems or invoices from vendors with different systems can all be easily paid with no effort.

Budgets are kept small to allow concepts to be proven so neither party must make huge commitments. Big bang approaches are avoided, because they historically end in big failures. Compings always succeeds at projects by breaking down complex problems until simple solutions can be implemented. Simplicity is the key to solving problems so send us a message using the form at the bottom of this page so we can show you how.

By viewing ever changing requirements in their simplest components, new requirements do not force past solutions to be changed. At Compings, we take pride in our ability to use our skills to solve the unique problems of each client. We build custom solutions and tailor industry leading software to keep up with the evolving demands of our clients. Change is the only constant and our solutions are designed to adapt to new and changing requirements.

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