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Compings can setup QuickBooks, POS, Microsoft Office, websites and email for your business at the lowest cost. Automate your manual processes with our software solutions so your valuable time can be spent growing revenue. RBC has provided Direct Deposit to serve as a secure tool to enable businesses to pay employees with accounts in different banks. This is especially helpful when payroll is the same each week, and makes onboarding employees fast and easy.

Many businesses buy QuickBooks only to misuse it and end up paying an accountant more money to fix everything before the VAT deadline. Most software can be purchased out-of-the-box, but our expertise can save you a lot of time setting up software. We are experts at tailoring the software to suit your business needs and provide excellent helpdesk support. Let us show you how to use QuickBooks correctly so you pay less VAT.

There is a lifecycle to software and unless you operate a software business, you do not have time to learn the ins-and-outs. Software vendors only want to make sales only to turn around and bill you for support. Allow Compings to handle vendors of your software so you avoid common pitfalls. Compings handles licensing, deployment, and backups to ensure your business gets started fast and keeps running smoothly.


Big companies have used private email addresses for years, and now small businesses can also look professional with their own domain. Using Gmail or Hotmail looks very unprofessional, especially when it takes such little effort to setup your own email address. Look more professional to your customers with your own domain for your website and email. It is cheap to setup and we will show you how to do it yourself.

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