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In the information age, communication is critical to a successful business, and many businesses cannot function without connectivity. More and more devices are being connected to the internet, so we stay more informed and in control. A computer without an internet connection is useless and Compings can guarantee your business stays connected. Redundancies can be put in place to ensure power outages or network outages from one service provider does not slow down your business.

There have been major network breaches that result in damaged reputations for companies that get hacked. We ensure the best technology is in place, but also train your people since they are the greatest vulnerability. We proved security awareness training, so staff are informed of the threats and hot they can avoid compromising information. Our network solutions keep your information secure and your customers can be confident when sharing their information with your business.

Customers like to shop online, and big vendors only take orders though integrated systems. Customers, vendors, and business partners must be able to connect for your business to function. Let Compings make your business securely accessible to customers to better serve their needs. Start doing business with big vendors by consulting with Compings to setup the necessary connections and integrating your systems.


Not every business needs the same network design and Compings can design the best solution just for your business. Lots of internet packages are available that offer fantastic connection speeds, but how much speed does your business really need? Paying an ISP for a faster connection is not always the correct solution and can turn out to be just a waste of money. Compings can identify bottlenecks and configure your existing equipment to save money on added overhead.

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