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Helpdesk Support

Business is done 24/7 and outages cost money, so Compings is ready to resolve issues quickly. Our helpdesk is ready to respond to emergency requests any time of day or night. Helpdesk Support is the first point of contact for people in desperate need of help. Help is provided so critical issues become manageable and the person in need is left with a great first impression of Compings.

No one needs support when things are going well, so Compings is prepared to show the care that people need when they are looking for help. We start by training technicians to be receptionists, so the person who answers the phone will be helpful. Helpdesk support is supposed to be fast and effective while easing the mind of the user having the emergency. If you need immediate help, contact Compings for help until your regular IT guy has the time.

Real people are ready to receive your call or respond to your email. Speak to a human or send an email if that is your preference and receive the level of service you deserve. When you call for help, we will take the time to understand you problem so we can provide the best fix. A quick fix may be provided so you can get back to work until a long-term solution can be found.


You will not be surprised by a huge bill, because costs, timelines and deliverables will be agreed upon before starting a tab. Support needs to be delivered quickly, so we take care of urgent matters and move onto improving the situation. Call, email or use the form at the bottom of this page to reach Compings anytime, and we will be excited to help. Support is provided for Microsoft Office, QuickBooks and whatever you need help with.

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