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Personal Hardware

We have a great stock of the latest, coolest gadgets for business, school or personal use. Devices are very personal, so we keep enough stock for everyone to have their own device. Compings supplies the latest phones, computers and accessories in The Bahamas. Whether you are a student on a budget, or the parent preparing your child for the future, we have what you need.

Why waste time driving to a store in the Bahamian heat only to find that they do not have what they just said they had on the phone. Place orders online and sit back while we bring your goods to you anywhere in Nassau. Compings delivers directly to your home or business and accepts credit card payments, cash, or corporate clients can open an account. Deliveries will be made in an hour, and you will be absolutely thrilled with our service.

Our sleek shopping cart will make your shopping experience enjoyable, and you will see what you are getting instead of hoping the salesman on the phone gets your order correct. Making purchases is time consuming, so use Comings to speed up the process. Simplify your purchasing process by adding items to your shopping cart instead of requesting quotes. Compings will also import special orders to ensure our customers get exactly what they want.


Shopping in Miami is a great way of saving money, but warranties are only honored in America. We are based in Nassau and everything we sell comes with a guarantee instead of having to wait for your next trip to Miami to get repairs. Shop with Comings to receive technical support for your purchases and rest easy knowing your warranty will be honored. Compings knows that great customer service is the key to success, so we have made that our focus.

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