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Banking Software Integration

Receive SWIFT and FIX messages, or seamlessly integrate with Bloomberg. Book into down stream accounting systems or automate reconciliation.

The End of Agile

Agile is evolving into its next iteration while so many are still using the waterfall methodology. Stop missing deadlines, going over...

Data Warehouse Design

This technical article is a prime example of the type of projects Compings is engaged in, as it explains how to deal with data relations...

Plan to Recover from Hurricane Dorian

It is not too late to contact Compings Consultants to get your Disaster Recovery Plan ready so your business can weather the storm. Go...

Reconciliation Automation

Compings Reconciliation can save time and money while increasing the accuracy of the reconciliation process.

RBC Direct Deposit

RBC has provided a secure tool that enables businesses to pay employees with accounts in different banks. This is especially helpful when...

Compings Accounting Automation

Lower accounting costs with Compings Accounting Automation by spending less time keeping books and more time growing revenue.

Find New Opportunities with Dynamics 365

This is a great way to find more opportunities in a more efficient way by having an holistic view of leads. New opportunities can also be...

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