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  • Alphonzo Munnings

Healthy Relationships with the Right People Saves the Day

Effective marketing of a great product, coupled with friendly customer service are sound business practices, but fail to generate quick revenue like having a few healthy relationships. It is said that it cost more to get a new customer than to keep an old one. Well, having a few friends is priceless.

When Compings got started, there were big plans of how products and services would be easily sold to an eager market. It turns out that no one cares that pub-sub is a superior application architecture, and most people do not value their own time, and happily spend hours on manual processes instead of investing in technology.

Not to be confused with nepotism, healthy relationships are between people who met professionally and maintain stellar reputations in their fields. Reaching out to people who already knew my reputation was free, and has had better results than paying for marketing.

Great products are sometimes hard to market independently, and if all the money for a marketing budget was available, there would be no need to start a business in the first place. Having a few colleagues who could be contacted directly enabled Compings to hit the ground running.

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